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Trekker Pony Talent 549 €

– New Design Saddle for small riders.

– The saddle is flexible between the pommel and the cantle and adapts under the rider's weight to follow the horse's or the pony's contour like all the Trekkers do.
The saddle allows the pony to bend and round his back freely. Suits ponies and horses of all types and sizes from Shetlands to Shires.

– All adjustable by the owner of the saddle: pommel width, seat size, position of the soft panels underneath.

– The ultra comfortable, soft and secure seat size is adjustable between 14"–16". The distance between the pommel and the cantle is 37 cm at the maximum size. VIDEO Very handy for a growing rider.

– Leight-weight, about 3.5 kg, and therefore easy to handle for the youngl owner of the saddle.

– Colours:
Two-tone black-brown which comes with a suede seat.

• The seat of the black and brown Pony Talent is made of Grip Suede which is particularly non-slippery.
• Length of the panels: 35 cm. Luxuriously softly cushioned towards the pony.
• Two pairs of stirrup hooks for individual needs.

• The pommel width can be adjusted by simply winding the horizontal piece in the middle of the pommel. VIDEO
• Made in the E.U. of German and Italian quality leather by our master saddles. Quality Cordura under the saddle. Lightweight and easy to maintain.

Trekker Short Fenders 119.50 € / pair. Colour: Brown / Black. Length: 47–57 cm

Photos of the Pony Talent

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