Flexible Inspiration 1645 €  

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Dressage saddle.
Registered Leather Flex structure flexes in all directions and fits both straight and curved backs.

Size 15.5"/ 16.5" / 17.5" / 18.5". The part that touches the horse's back is about 42.5 / 45 / 47 / 49.5 cm.

The Flexible Inspiration has a flexible structure. The pommel and the cantle are fixed, the rest between the pommel and the cantle will adapt perfectly under the rider's weight to follow the horse's shape.

The seat is luxuriously soft just like the foam-filled panels under the saddle are soft and comfortable on the horse's back.

Which width for which horse? The widths are not as fixed in Flexible Saddles as they are in hard-treed saddles. You only need to look at the basic shape of the horse to choose the correct width.

Horses with very high withers who are also narrow and perhaps poorly muscled may need 30. This size is very seldom needed. Most horses with some withers need 32. Horses who are broad and / or with no withers need 34 (for example most Arabs, PRE's, Lusitanos, Friesians, many Warmbloods, Fjords, Icelandics, Cobs, many native ponies, coldblooded horses etc.).

Why does the same width suit horses that are quite different, for example a 32 may fit a big Warmblood and also a small pony, although these horses are quite different if you compare their actual width? This is thanks to the flexible structure of the saddle. When you put the saddle on a wide horse, the panels will rest evenly on the horizontal surface of his back. The rest of the saddle will adapt under the rider's weight and follow the horse's contour. When you put the same saddle on a more narrow horse, the saddle will surround the horse's sides more deeply, the panels evenly along his sloping sides, and again the saddle will adapt under the rider's weight. This is how the same saddle fits both horses.

Patricia Wegmann