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Trekker Flow 1195 €    

You can adjust the seat yourself between 16”–18”.VIDEO

Colours: Black, brown

The pommel can be adjusted between 19.5–41 cm by simply winding the horizontal part in the middle of the pommel. VIDEO VIDEO 2

All the Trekkers suit horses of different widths from narrow to table-top. The panels are filled with soft foam and can be adjusted and changed: length alternatively 45.5 cm / 42.5 cm.

The Trekkers are flexible between the pommel and the cantle and adjust under the rider's weight so that the saddle follows the horse's contour and fits like a glove.

The weight distribution is excellent and the shock absorption is better than in hard-treed saddles.
You can use any stirrup leathers with your Trekker Flow. Trekker Fenders with knee blocks are exceptionally luxurious and comofrtable.
They place the stirrup in the correct position: you can ride with relaxed legs without having to wind the stirrup with your ankle.
The stirrup leathers are included in the price of the fenders. The stirrups are not included in the price of the fenders.

Top quality and a lovely design made by our European saddlery.

Padded fenders with velcro knee blocks with stirrup leathers, length 51–60 cm 197.00 €
Additional big velcro knee blocks of leather (length 28 cm, thickness 6 cm) 44.50 €
Trekker Short Fenders without knee blocks, 47–57 cm, with stirrup leathers 119.50 €

How does the Flow differ from the True Talent? The main difference is that the seat of the Flow has padded skirts under the rider’s thighs.
More photos and information about the models and how they differ from each other: https://www.facebook.com/Trekker.Saddles/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums

Short, lightweight and compact. No flap that needs space. Therefore the Flow suits also horses with a far back reaching shoulder and a compact back. Suits ponies, Arabs etc. as well as big horses.



Trekker Short Fenders, plain without knee blocks, 47–57 cm, including stirrup leathers. Brown / black. 119.50 € / pair

Fenders, padded, with velcro knee blocks with stirrup leathers. The knee blocks are placed under the softly padded kneepad and fastened with velcro. The knee blocks can be adjusted or removed. 197.50 €