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Trekker Pony Luxus 759 €–884 €

The seat size is adjustable between 14–16". VIDEO Very handy for a growing rider.
The pommel width can be adjusted by simply winding the horizontal piece in the middle of the pommel. VIDEO Suits ponies and horses of all types and sizes from Shetlands to Shires.
The saddle is flexible between the pommel and the cantle and adapts under the rider's weight so that it follows the horse's contour and fits like a glove.

Two pairs of stirrup hooks for individual needs.
A soft, secure seat – suits even the smallest riders.
The distance between the pommel and the cantle at maximum size is 37 cm.
Weight only about 3.5 kg.

The length of the adjustable panels is 35 cm. Luxuriously cushioned also towards the horse.
An even smaller version is available at request for mini ponies.

Made in the E.U. of German and Italian  quality leather and lightweight Cordura. 


Colour: Brown

Colour: Black
Colour: Black + Brown
Colour: Phantom Other colours on request + 125 €:


Colour: Emerald 884 €

Colour: Blues 884 €

Colour: Red Pepper 884 €. Colour: Rally 884 €.

In order to protect your saddle and to keep it in good condition, please do not grab the horizontal bar in the middle of the pommel when mounting your horse or carrying the saddle.
More photos and information about the models and how they differ from each other: