Trekker Classic1295 EUR

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From left to right: Terra-Black, Havanna, Red Pepper, Rally, Emerald, Blues, Choco Licorice, Terra Nova, Double Terra Black, Dark Chocolate.

– The pommel can easily be adjusted between 19.5–41 cm by the owner of the saddle. Therefore the saddle fits horses of very different widths from narrow to table-top.VIDEO VIDEO 2 
– You can adjust the seat yourself between 16”–18” VIDEO
– Two stirrup hook alternatives for individual needs.
– A fixed knee block on the outside of the flap.
– Now even more wither space (a cut-back solution that also promotes ventilation under the saddle).
– A suede seat is available.
–The underside of the Classic is made of European high-quality Cordura. Cordura is light-weight and easy to maintain.
– The panel length is 42.5 / 45.5 cm.
– The saddle has a serial number that helps you to recognize the original Trekker from copies.
– Luxurious leather from Italy and Germany.
– Excellent European quality.
– The saddle is soft and comfortable both towards the rider and the horse. Very nice for also older horses whose tissues gradually get thinner and need more cushioning than before to prevent rubbing and uncomfort.
– Safe and handy for young horses: the width can be adjusted as the horse grows. The pommel and the cantle provide a secure seat.
– Great value for money.
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In order to protect your saddle and to keep it in good condition, please do not grab the horizontal bar in the middle of the pommel when mounting your horse or carrying the saddle.